Let me ACF, aka Caroline aka your local metalsmith custom fit and solder a dainty, yet resilient, bracelet to you and yours. Great for bridesmaids, cousins, BFFS, nemeses, couples… whatever your relationship status, make it official with an ACF Endless Chain. Currently readily available in Silver, Gold Fill, and Solid Gold, hyper custom requests are welcomed, too. Just shoot me a DM on Instagram @acfjewelry if you have some Wiley requests. Please allow 30 minutes per appt and bring your wrist :) Located at 130 W Jackson Ave in the Old City of Knoxville, TN. Whether it’s forever or just for now, this service is my newest and most unique service, and it’s quickly becoming the most popular. Silver $75, Gold Fill $95 and Solid Gold $175. Grandmas visiting? You’re getting surgery? In a strict wedding? No stress! Snip it off anytime and I’m happy to re-zap you for $35! FREE re-zap within 14 days of your first zap for free!