Rants + Care

As a trained metalsmith, I take metals and jewelry, you could say, very seriously. My jewelry is thoughtfully made and always nickel-free. I don’t treat my products with any chemical coatings to finish like many Jewlery lines do these days to keep them super shiny on retail shelves. Often, people mistake tarnish and oxidation for permanent mares, but don’t fret, metals react with you and the air in different ways and often just need a clean and a spruce! I’ve included some links below to some tools I use at home to keep my jewels looking fresh:)

Tools + Tips

When you're not wearing your metals keep them in a box or airtight home. When cleaning your jewelry at home, dawn soap is a must have and a staple in my home! If tarnish or oxidation occurs tackle it with some of the tools I’ve shared below or shoot me a message with a picture of the piece on instagram @acfjewelry or email me at acfjewelry@gmail.com for advice.

Here are a few links to some of my other favorite, inexpensive, tools to help you clean and care for your ACF jewels, and even your other jewels! ENJOY!

Brass brush

Dawn Soap and a Brass Brush can work wonders on grime and even some tarnish and oxidation. Gently scrub your piece using the magic duo and warm water. ***PRO TIP*** ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOUR DRAIN IS STOPPED IN YOUR SINK, AND WHILE WE ARE AT IT MAKE SURE YOUR TOILET LID IS CLOSED,TOO. I’ve seen many tragic jewelry fiascos happen in my day.


Sunshine Cloths

AKA magic and bada$$. These polishing cloths aren’t expensive. Great for tackling tarnish and oxidation AND polishing - how fab!


Good Old fashion jewelry cleaner

don’t knock it. it works.



Whether it’s ACF or another brand, Jewlery is dainty and it can break during the ruckus of life, but don't cry over spilled milk! I'm always happy to repair. Shoot me a message on Instagram @acfjewelry or email me at acfjewelry@gmail.com.